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January 9, 2018by BoldThemes2

Wouldn’t it be fun to just go to town cleaning everything on your Cumming property with a pressure washer?

Unfortunately, not everything can withstand the force of a power washer. The safest way to get your home’s exterior clean without damaging anything is to consult pressure washing experts. Here are seven things that should never be cleaned with any type of pressure sprayer or hyper-pressured water.

  1. Electrical Meters

Those boxes attached to the outside of your house may be water-resistant in heavy rain, but they aren’t designed to resist pressure washers. The stream of water could crack the boxes or seep into the seams and cause extensive damage.

  1. Your Car

A pressure washer used on your house is not the same thing as the equipment at a car wash! You can chip paint, crack windows, and even dent the frame of your car if you pressure wash it.

  1. Air Conditioners

Clean your home’s cooling unit with a gentle stream of water that won’t damage the delicate elements.

  1. Lead Paint-Covered Surfaces

Old lead paint chips can cause environmental poisoning when they’re blasted all over your property or flush into the gutter.

  1. Windows

Stick to a squeegee and window cleaners for these delicate parts of your home.

  1. Old Mortar

Pressure washing aged brick surfaces can tear out the mortar between bricks and stone.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

Just because they’re attached to your house doesn’t mean light fixtures are fair game for pressure washing. You can easily crack the coverings of your lights or even cause damage to the electrical components.

Our Cumming pressure washing team knows how to use the right equipment so that there is no damage to your home. Contact us today to set up an appointment!


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