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January 9, 2018by BoldThemes3

You’ve had the exterior walls of your building pressure washed in the past. Have you ever looked above the walls to the roof, however? Your Cumming roof may be in need of a heavy-duty cleaning job.
Why Your Roof Needs to Be Pressure Washed

Roofs take a real beating from the elements. In addition to hours of scorching sun, blasting wind, and pounding rain, rooftops can get covered with slippery lichen and moss. This and other debris can trap moisture against your roof shingles and give the top of your building a dull and (not-so-charming) aged appearance.
How to Pressure Wash Your Roof

Pressure washing your roof is something you could attempt on your own. However, pressure washing rooftops is a tricky task since there are a few major risks involved. These include:

Having an accident where you slip off your roof
Damaging your roofing shingles by blasting away the granular coating
Blasting off shingles by aiming a powerful water stream at the wrong angle
Causing water damage to your roof by shooting water up underneath the shingles

This article has some helpful tips for pressure washing your roof. But you’ll probably have more peace of mind if you hire out the job to an experienced professional who has the necessary tools and experience.
Professional Pressure Washing Near You

Are you ready to get a new roof without lifting a hammer? Pick up your phone instead and call our Cumming team today for a quote.

We have extensive experience in pressure washing a vast variety of surfaces including rooftops. Let us help you discover a nearly-new and squeaky-clean roof by lifting away the grime with our professional pressure washing services.


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