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January 9, 2018by BoldThemes1

Your beautiful wooden deck in Cumming, Georgia is a great place to soak in some sun and make great memories with family and friends. However, as time goes by, if you don’t do what’s needed to protect your wooden deck, mother nature will begin to take its toll on your lumber.
How Weather Affects Your Wooden Deck

Different temperatures, rain, wind, and sunlight can all affect the quality of your deck, causing the wood to discolor, warp, crack, and weaken.

UV rays degrade the quality of your wooden deck and cause wear. Large amounts of water soften and weakens the wood. Heat and cold also cause the wood to expand and contract an amount that’s more than ideal.

If your deck is in a shaded or wet area like one that is surrounded by a lot of trees, it can collect mold, mildew, moss, pollen or algae. These conditions are hazardous because they cause the wood to be very slippery, causing you to fall and hurt yourself.
How To Protect Your Deck

To protect your deck, you should coat it with a sealer or stain once or twice per year. Cutting away at any unnecessary trees can help keep the area dryer.

Before resealing your deck, and to keep it from becoming slippery you should have it pressure washed. A professional team like Alpha Pressure Washing can do a quick job of this for you. If your deck or the exterior of your Cumming, Georgia home needs a makeover, then give us a call. We’ll gladly come out to get you a quote and our excellent staff will have your property looking good as new in no time.

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